Along with global warming increasing the manufacture of home with beautiful minimalist house concept is a good idea. When you hear the word beautiful homes, you certainly would imagine if the house is a house that has a lot of trees or plants in front of the house and inside the house. Which can improve the comfort and freshness for the residents because the new clean air will quickly get into the house and replace dirty air. Many plants and flowers were planted that will create make the house look more beautiful.
To get a beautiful minimalist house as you wish, precise design and good should you get. Some common designs for beautiful homes is as follows:
  1. Theme relating to nature in home design.
  2. Exterior to the interior design concept is also not far from natural shades.
  3. Lots of use of the materials directly from nature.
  4. As well as using wood as materials for flooring or natural stone walls.
  5. To bring the concept of minimalist wall usually wear as a combination.
Easy Tips Minimalist Design House Asri 
Easy Tips Minimalist Design House
In the interior, usually much put some ventilation so that sunlight can enter perfectly into the inside of the house. But, there are several designs to create a beautiful minimalist house with a garden that is on the inside of the house. However, it is considered less suitable for use at home with minimalist concept because it requires a much larger area again. As for the uses of paint to the interior, usually more inclined to use muted colors such as brown and beige color. Likewise with the exterior paint color is not much different.
Easy Tips Minimalist Design House Asri 
Easy Tips Minimalist Design House
The house looks beautiful in general not be separated from the green park. Creating a garden in front of the house should not be arbitrary, but must be the proper order. Moreover, if the park is scheduled to be applied to create an impression of a beautiful minimalist house. Here are tips to create a garden in a minimalist home:
  1. Minimalist garden at home in all the land should be manicured green grass.
  2. Some stones can be beautiful to beautify the park.
  3. Make scale miniature waterfall attached to a wall made of natural stone.
  4. Some plants can be placed in the park to create a more beautiful natural shades.
  5. If you want a tree, select tree species in case some do not have a big trunk.
Easy Tips Minimalist Design House Asri 
Easy Tips Minimalist Design House
In addition to a beautiful garden arrangement, the arrangement of the patio to create a beautiful minimalist house also should not go unnoticed. Serves as a place to relax, patio design also should not be far from natural. To create the impression of a beautiful chair for the patio are usually made ​​from rattan or iron. Use some accessories as a complement.
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